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The United States will recommend FDA to strengthen supervision of the health food industry

The United States will recommend FDA to strengthen supervision of the health food industry

2019-09-25 08:09
  The US Congress's Office of Government Intelligence Supervision (GAO) drafted a report not long ago and submitted it to the Senate and House of Representatives, asking Congress to urge the FDA to strengthen the supervision of the country's health food. The report suggests that the FDA's work has the following drawbacks: the FDA does not know much about the food producer's health food information; the FDA does not fully understand the information on imported foreign health food ingredients; the FDA's withdrawal of the problem health food is not tight, resulting in Some brands of health foods have problems, but they can still stay in the market; the FDA must do more to get the public to know more about health foods on the market.
  GAO also listed three measures for the FDA to strengthen health food regulation in the report: First, the FDA should immediately set up a committee of experts. Once the raw materials are used to produce health food, the committee should discuss the safety of the new materials in advance. Sexuality and potential harm to the human body. If the raw material has been decided to be used as a raw material for health food, relevant quality standards (test methods) should be established. Second, the FDA should formulate a production specification for health foods to guide the producers which materials can be used. It is used to produce health foods and manufacturers should inform consumers of the names of raw materials to be added; third, the FDA will increase publicity and education to the public in the future.


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