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Shandong Leading Enterprise Observation Group visited Yibao Kangfusen Production Base

Shandong Leading Enterprise Observation Group visited Yibao Kangfusen Production Base

2019-09-25 11:16
  On January 5, 2015, the modern leading enterprise observation group organized by the two levels of government of Shandong Province and Jining City led the Mayor of Jining City, Mei Yonghong, to lead the Jining Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the relevant person in charge of the CPPCC National Committee, and the various counties and cities. Under the leadership of a group of people, they came to the Yibao Group. Kangfusen factory, the largest modern functional food and health care product production base in southwestern Shandong.
  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, with the adjustment of the central government's economic work ideas, the development of the national economy has become the highlight of improving people's livelihood. Governments at all levels have closely focused on the central government's deployment of economic development, actively tapping local advanced productive forces, and promoting modern economic development. At the level of scale, by guiding key enterprises in the region to participate in international competition, and constantly promoting their comprehensive strength, a number of key leading enterprises will stand out.
  Yibao Group is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating research, production and sales of chondroitin sulfate series raw materials and Kangfusen series health products. It is also the largest and most professional chondroitin manufacturer in the world. As the world's largest chondroitin sulfate production supplier and industry leader, Yibao Group has become the leading industry leader in Shandong's private economy development, and is positioned as the largest bio-API and functional food production base in Southwest Shandong. The company has passed the health food GMP, the US GMP certification, the EU certification, and has become a leader in the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical raw materials industry. Chondroitin-based products are widely sold in 57 countries and regions at home and abroad.
  Mayor Mei Yonghong and his party listened to the “Four-Five Plan” of the development of Yibao Group and visited the modern production workshop. Seeing such a good development trend of the company, Mayor Mei Yonghong was pleased to express the view of the Jining Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government on regional economic development: industrial transformation and upgrading is the trend of the times. We must have plans for transformation and development to accelerate the formation of new economic development. The idea is that only by taking the lead, can we grasp the initiative of transformation. In the next few years, Jining City will focus on the central strategy of “playing a good job in tackling the challenges and vigorously promoting industrial transformation and upgrading”, actively and steadily promote regional economic development and transformation, and focus on supporting a group of enterprises with innovative thinking and innovation capabilities to go out and participate. International competition.
  Mayor Mei Yonghong’s words ignited the greater hopes of Yibao people. Mr. Kong Qingbao, the chairman of Yibao Group, which is investing in the United States, immediately said after the report, Yibao Group will combine its own advantages, based on Jining, and look to the world. Close the government's economic deployment and do a good job in enterprise development planning, and strive to make the greatest contribution to local economic development. At the same time, he also revealed that the chondroitin health products that Yibao Group is preparing to launch in the US market have been registered by the US FDA and are completing the final certification work. The international strategy of the Yibao Group has already revealed its dawn.
  We have reason to believe that under the guidance and strong support of the governments at all levels in Shandong Province, the internationalization strategy of Yibao Group will inevitably be a complete success!


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