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Yibao welcomes the new, the first batch of inspection groups to observe the new factory

Yibao welcomes the new, the first batch of inspection groups to observe the new factory

2019-09-25 11:18
  On February 26th, the eighth day of the first year of the Year of the Sheep, Yibao Group's new factory in Jining Food Industrial Park ushered in the first guests of the New Year. They came from all directions, gathered together for a common dream and gathered in Yibao.
  With the smooth progress of the 4th Five-Year Plan of Yibao Group, the curtain of the launch of the national market in 2015 has been opened, and heroes and heroes from all walks of life have appeared on the scene, and you will sing to show off on our side and perform a thriving scene.
  All the way to the songs all the way, the elites from the market have a voice, some people share the sincerity all the way, so that more than an hour of driving into the process of interactive learning, everyone into the new factory in laughter.
  Mr. Kong Qingbao, the chairman of the board, stood at the door of the new factory early, smiled and greeted everyone, and made a joke with the familiar dealers. The air in the air was more relaxed and happy.
  Brand strategy, talent strategy, consumer capitalization strategy, etc. became the first choice for the Group's development in 2015. Mr. Kong Qingbao, the chairman of the group, attached great importance to this series of activities. Today, he personally accompanied the new delegation to observe the new factory and personally led the observation of the tablet. Capsule and oral liquid production line, and enthusiastically detailed the difference between the 100,000-level workshop and the 300,000-level workshop, as well as the significance of implementing the GMP standards of China and the United States, and also confidently described the company in the industry. The absolute leadership position, through the comprehensive scale of production scale and scientific research and production, let everyone fully understand the goals and processes of Yibao modernization internationalization, and the unrivalled strength at home and abroad.
  No best, only better. In order to realize the ideal of “Hiking the world, industry and serving the country”, Yibao Group has been tirelessly carrying out management, research and development, production, service and other exploration and practice.
  The industrious and intelligent Yibao people are leading the industry at the forefront of the group's chairman, based on high-end, and strive to become a leader in the world of chondroitin sulfate industry that dares to take the lead in innovation and development.


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