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Mr. Kong Qingbao, Chairman of Yibao Group, participated in the 2016 Confucius Cultural Festival Festival

Mr. Kong Qingbao, Chairman of Yibao Group, participated in the 2016 Confucius Cultural Festival Festival

2019-09-25 11:58
  "The great thing about the country is in harmony with you." At 9 o'clock on the morning of the 28th, the morning bell rang, and the road of God went to Dachengmen. Tens of thousands of people at home and abroad shouldered the ceremonial ceremonies, and looked solemn and solemn. They walked toward the Dacheng Hall. The cypress cypresses and the Zhu Hong Hanfu and the yellow sashes matched each other. The autumn temples washed by the autumn rain were solemn. The Confucius Cultural Festival Festival was held in a grand ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Ji Wei, deputy governor of the Shandong Provincial People's Government. Commemorating the 2567th birthday of Confucius, the great thinker, educator and founder of Confucianism in ancient China.
  The vice president of the Confucius Family Tree Association, the executive director of the Confucius Institute of Confucius, the Confucius Institute of Confucius, and the 73rd generation of Confucius, Mr. Kong Qingbao, the chairman of the Yibao Group, attended the ceremony.
  Chairman of Yibao Group Kong has taken the responsibility of national greatness and has been committed to the spread of Confucian culture. It adheres to the core love of love and love that has loved the world and the core concept of “creating value and pursuing excellence”. It inherits Chinese Confucian culture and aspires to the industry. Serve the country and benefit mankind! Under his leadership, Yibao Group stepped on the path of Confucian merchants along the footsteps of Kong Shengren, allowing all Chinese to stand up to their own backbone.
  "To be political and moral, to give good to good, to be righteous, to be seen by all people, to be rich and to teach, to be happy and happy." Sun Shougang, director of the Propaganda Department of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, read the essay: "Bo Shi Jizhong, the people are well-being. And Different, Dehua Wanbang. Four seas, Datong is looking forward."
  The Sacrifice Ceremony is a large-scale temple music and dance activity dedicated to Confucius. It is a comprehensive artistic performance form integrating music, song, dance and ritual. It is the most characteristic, cultural taste and most appealing in Confucius Cultural Festival. The most attractive and influential “the main event”. The Sacrifice Ceremony is also known as "Ding Festival Music Dance" or "Da Cheng Le Dance". All manners require "Baifeng, Biejie, must be sincere, must respect". The festival of ceremonies mainly includes opening temples, opening houses, offering flowers baskets, paying tribute to music and dance, and reading the rituals. The Dadian expresses Confucian ideology and culture with music and dance, vividly interprets the meaning of "ritual" in Confucius's doctrine, expresses the idea of ​​"being benevolent and loving people" and "respecting people with rituals", highlighting the "Eternal rites and rites returning to Donglu, the eternal crown The grand occasion of the king of worship.
  The ritual activity of Qufu can be traced back to 478 BC, the second year of Confucius' post-stroke. Lu Yigong turned the original house of Confucius into a memorial hall for Confucius, and the former residence of Confucius became the first Confucius Temple in the world. The sacrifice hole is a grand ceremony held by the Chinese nation to honor and remember Confucius, but mainly held in the Confucius Temple. It has become a miracle in the history of world sacrifices and human culture for more than two thousand years. From the "Yu Cheng Xuan Nigong" in the first year of Emperor Hanping's reign, to the "Dacheng to Shengwen Xuan Xianshi" in the second year of the Qing Emperor Shunzhi, the title of Confucius increased with its status, and the ceremony of worshipping the ceremonies became more and more solemn. . Before the Han Ming Emperor, all the ritual ceremonies were held in the Confucius Temple in Qufu. In the second year of Emperor Yongping of Hanming (AD 59), Yu Tai and the county were studied in Zhou Gong and Confucius. Since then, the memorial hole has become an important national political and religious activity, and the imperial court and local governments have also sacrificed their hearts in the school.
  Yibao Group will continue to practice Confucius's idea of ​​saving the world and bring health to the world and carry forward the culture of Confucian merchants.


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